Something missing

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, but it was taken at 10PM last night. The traffic lights you can see were installed just last week. Already they are being well used, but perhaps not for what they are supposed to be used for; last night they made a very good bike stand!

Traffic Lights

At first I wasn’t best impressed with the people who had decided to leave their bikes attached to the post – blocking both the pavement and crossing. However, I then realised there was a bigger point to this. This particular set of traffic lights is right by Granton Harbour, which is well used by local people especially when the sun is shining as it was yesterday. The area is served by some pretty good footpaths and cycle paths. However, there really aren’t many places for people coming to the Harbour to leave their bikes – demonstrated by the use of the traffic lights as a proxy bike stand. A bike rack wouldn’t cost much and not only would it support cycling but also the use of one North Edinburgh’s fantastic local assets. Edinburgh has some good cycling infrastructure, but perhaps the City needs to get the basics sorted if cycling is to flourish here.

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