Five Minutes Early ???


This blog is my attempt to observe and learn about human behaviours.  You can read more about why I’ve started it here.

The title of my blog comes from an observation of my own behaviour, that despite all the technology available to me, telling me exactly when my bus is due, I like to get to the bus stop five minutes early.  It is only now that I’ve stopped to think about this, that I am questioning why I am happy to essentially waste five minutes of my day standing at a bus stop!

2 thoughts on “Five Minutes Early ???

  1. Kevin Garner

    Looking forward to reading your self analysis. Is it down to risk aversion, are you just “playing safe”? I’ve heard about people who enjoy the risk of arriving “just in time” e.g. as late as possible without missing the event and who deliberately plan to do just this. I’ve travelled with a work colleague who when at airports would simply not move towards the Boarding Gate until his name had been called at least twice. It made me a nervous wreck! I guess there will be cultural attitudes to this too that you might explore.

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